Pirate Mermaid Cub Scout Camp 2017

On Friday 28th July 2017, the cubs and scouts battled a storm to get down to the campsite at Binningup by the beach for their Pirate/Mermaid Cub Scout Camp 2017.  It was a wild night with the storm but all our Pirates and Mermaids woke ready for their Pirate/Mermaid adventure.

First activity was to make eye patches, pirate head scarves and swords.

After our Cubs and Scouts became pirates they were then given the challenge of a wide game digging for maps and treasure on the beach. Our pirate leader Turtle really didn’t want our little pirates to find his treasure so he made it super hard for them.

The evening was the campfire. The rain held off to almost the end and then we moved inside to finish of our campfire singing.


We woke up to a beautiful morning the next day and we went fishing.  There were 3 fish caught but the cubs and scouts gave them a pat and a kiss and returned them to the sea.

We then returned to the campsite to pack up and have some last pirate activities before cleaning.  We had a tug of war challenge and some other pirate theme activities.

The campsite was then cleaned and parents came to arrive to pick up their tired cub or scout. Many slept in the car on the way home.

It was a fun weekend for all #camping #fun #pirate #adventure #scouting





Alex Campbell Camping Competition

On weekend of 1st July 2017, some of our Scouts participated in the Alex Campbell Camping Competition. Here is a picture of our scouts with Alex Campbell. They promised him they will win next year and bring the trophy home to where it belongs at Bibra Lake.
The trophy is an axe from a patrol box from 1st Coolbellup Scout Group mounted on a piece of flooring from the first scout hall in W.A in Whitegum Valley.
alex campbell.jpg

Joey Sleepover with Kwinana – Buddy Badge

As part of the Joey Buddy participation badge, the Bibra Lake Joey Scouts went to Kwinana hall for one evening meeting, then had a Sleepover at the Kwinana hall and then the Kwinana Joeys visited the Bibra Lake hall for an evening meeting.  It was great meeting and making new friends with our Joey Scout neighbours who are also part of the Beeliar District.  On the sleepover the Joeys played some fun games, did a penny hike and discovered a new playground, tried some camp cooking on the campfire (which some failed because we were so busy singing campfire songs), campfire songs and marshmallows, camping in tents (in the hall), watching a movie, made damper scones and went home to parents tired and exhausted.   For some it was their first sleepover/camping experience.  They all had a great time.


CTAS Camp – Scouts and older cubs

On 19-21 May 2017,  the scouts and the older cubs went on a CTAS camp.  CTAS stands for “cutting the apron strings” and was named this by one of our historical leader who believed that cubs needed an introduction to the patrol system and camping to prepare them for linking to the Scouts Section.

As the cubs are introduced to the patrol system and working in a team with a patrol leader this camp was designed to provide them with this learning.

It was also a camp full of adventure.  It was held at Manjedal and a full day of adventurous activities.  They started their day off at the giant swing.  Full harnesses and safety was provided by experienced adventurous activity Scouting instructors.  The kids had fun hoisting their scout/cub colleagues up into the air and they were released.

Then it was onto crate stacking.  After lunch it was onto archery and then finally the tunnels.  The day was finished with a scouting gourmet lovely mushroom risotto and homemade (scoutmade) rissoles.

In the morning, Turtle got to try out his new pancake mixer invention for bulk scouting pancake mix.  Then onto a campfire making competition.


A fun packed adventure weekend for all.  Everyone was exhausted and parents reported many a cub/scout passed out in their car on the trip home.


Joey Cub Camp

On the 24th-26th June 2016, we had a Joey/Cub Camp at Lake Leschenaultia Campsite in Chidlow.  Our theme of the camp was Alice in Wonderland.  We had a movie, made mad hats for our mad hatters tea party, played flamingo crochet and had an Alice in Wonderland theme wide game.

We also had some scout cooking of roasting chickens in the bush webber and hay box stew. It was the best hay  box stew and the Joeys/Cubs ate it all (some had seconds and even thirds).