Cubilee 2017

This year’s Cubilee 2017 was Jungle theme and was held at Kelmscott Senior High School. Cubilee 2017.jpg

A fun filled day full of tonnes of activities for the cub scouts.

After lunch, thanks to our new leader in training Chikai, Bibra Lake Cubs managed to do the farm tour and also the sheep shearing presentation.

After this the cubs continued their afternoon of adventure trying to complete as many activities as possible.

Well done to all the leaders and volunteers that made this day amazing.  Also to WASP who made an amazing rope bridge with a Jungle theme.



Joey Nerf Wars – Halloween

The Joey Scouts continued their tradition of their annual Halloween Nerf Wars against some of our Venturers.  The Joeys dressed in Halloween costumes and were armed with their Nerf arsenal (and of course safety glasses), split into two teams and the aims of the wide game to capture the Venturer or Joey Flag.

Our Venturer, Matt was attacked by Joey Scouts and Princess Platypus had difficulty shooting anyone as her crossbow malfunctioned.

Lots of fun halloween/Nerf fun had by all.

Scouts – Aeroplane Troop Camp

The Scouts went to Serpentine Airfield and held their Troop Aeroplane Camp.   After arriving Friday night, they set up their tents, dining shelters and making a campfire.  Sitting around the campfire having fun.

Aeroplane Camp.jpg

On Saturday morning, Bob Grimstead gave all our scouts a great rundown in the features of aircraft then they were fortunate enough to be invited into a members hangar where our scouts were able to climb over vintage operational world war one and two aircraft.


In the afternoon, he put on an amazing aerobatics show for us, full of amazing feats. We were all amazed at the brilliant flying skills displayed.

The Scouts cooked their dinner and dessert, played a wide game and roasted marshmallows on the campfire then bed.

In the morning it was breakfast and packup of tents and dining shelters while the Scouts got the opportunity to fly in a plane and the DFES helicopters were practicing their dump and run operations.


Scouts now rule the skies and the land!!!


Scouts Canoeing Activity

The scouts are out and about on this fantastic sunny day in Riverton canoeing.

Lots of fun to have in the water.





Scouts Blue Cord Hike

Some of the Scouts undertook their Blue Cord hike to Mount Cook. This was a great hike with lots of great scenery and we also hear they had some great hiking food too. They all had a great time and were exhausted at the end. Well done Scouts and we hope to see a few more blue cords being awarded soon.


CTAS Camp – Scouts and older cubs

On 19-21 May 2017,  the scouts and the older cubs went on a CTAS camp.  CTAS stands for “cutting the apron strings” and was named this by one of our historical leader who believed that cubs needed an introduction to the patrol system and camping to prepare them for linking to the Scouts Section.

As the cubs are introduced to the patrol system and working in a team with a patrol leader this camp was designed to provide them with this learning.

It was also a camp full of adventure.  It was held at Manjedal and a full day of adventurous activities.  They started their day off at the giant swing.  Full harnesses and safety was provided by experienced adventurous activity Scouting instructors.  The kids had fun hoisting their scout/cub colleagues up into the air and they were released.

Then it was onto crate stacking.  After lunch it was onto archery and then finally the tunnels.  The day was finished with a scouting gourmet lovely mushroom risotto and homemade (scoutmade) rissoles.

In the morning, Turtle got to try out his new pancake mixer invention for bulk scouting pancake mix.  Then onto a campfire making competition.


A fun packed adventure weekend for all.  Everyone was exhausted and parents reported many a cub/scout passed out in their car on the trip home.



The Bibra Lake Scouts did a series of caving activities on the weekends in November 2016.  All the scouts that participated in the caving really enjoyed their caving adventures.


Cubillee 2016

On 5th November 2016, the Cubs travelled to Bunbury for Cubillee to celebrate 100th anniversary of Cub Scouts.  The cubs had a great time with all the activities and all went home very exhausted.



Bibra Lake Scout Group has leaders that are able to take the scouts on adventurous activities like canoeing.  Turtle the scout leader takes every opportunity possible to take the scouts on canoeing activities.  In October, the scouts went canoeing on the river.  Also, in November on group camp all the sections of scouts got to do canoeing activities and the scouts also had another camp at Dwellingup and went canoeing.

The scouts love every opportunity they get to do canoeing.


Scouts Abseiling Adventure

The Scout group went on an abseiling adventure.  They were so well behaved that the organizers opened the Big Kahuna up for them.